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August 9, 2023
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Wire Bonder OPT-2575

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What is Wire Bonder?

A wire bonder is a device used to make connections with thin wires onto semiconductor devices. These wires are typically made of conductive materials like gold or aluminum. Wire bonders are commonly used in the assembly of microchips, semiconductor devices, and integrated circuits. They play a critical role in the production of complex electronic devices.

Where is it used Wire Bonder?

Wire bonders are used in various industries and applications where precise connections between semiconductor devices and other components are required. Some common areas where wire bonders are used include:

1. Electronics Manufacturing: Wire bonders are extensively used in the manufacturing of integrated circuits (ICs), microchips, and other electronic components to create the necessary electrical connections.

2. Semiconductor Industry: Wire bonders are a crucial tool for connecting the pads on semiconductor chips to their corresponding pads on lead frames, substrates, or other devices.

3. Aerospace and Defense: Wire bonders are used in the production of electronic components for aerospace and defense applications, where reliability and precision are critical.

4. Medical Devices: In the medical field, wire bonders are used to create connections in various medical devices and equipment that require precise and reliable electrical connections.

5. Consumer Electronics: Wire bonders are employed in the production of consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables to create connections within these devices.

6. Automotive Industry: Wire bonders play a role in producing electronic components used in vehicles, including sensors, control units, and entertainment systems.

7. Communication Devices: Wire bonders are used to assemble components for communication devices like routers, modems, and network switches.

8. LED Manufacturing: Wire bonders are used to connect LED chips to their packaging and electrical connections, enabling the creation of efficient and reliable LED products.

Overall, wire bonders are essential tools in industries that require precise and reliable electrical connections in semiconductor devices and electronic components.

Wire Bonder OPT-2575

This machine is ultrasonic friction, through ultrasonic friction and vibra tion, on the condition of time and pressure, the aluminum wire and the base metal achieve plastic deformation, get strong attachment, both metal form metallic bond. The bonding head of the machine moving up and down(Z axis) is using vertical guide, The sec ond bonding moving(jumper Y axis) is also through horizontal guide. Both moving are driving by stepper motor, so that the height of aiming/arching and the jumper distance from the first bonding and the second bonding can be ensured by digital control, whicwhich bring the advantage of reliability, precision and repeatability. The second bonding of the machine can be set to automatic, operator just needs to press the operate button on the control box, the machine can finish the whole bonding. So to improve th e productivity.