Coater Systems

Optosense Coater Systems’ product line includes many products for surface coating processes. That can use with spin coating and dip coating methods.

Spin coating is a technique used to spread uniform thin films on flat substrates by centrifugal force. The apparatus used for spin coating is called a spin coater or a spinner. A solution is dropped into the center of a wafer and then rotated at high speed.

Optosense Spin Coaters are designed production of thin films of homogeneous thickness. Their programmable recipes allow the coating of samples at different speeds and in different sizes with a liquid solution (the material to be coated).

Dip coating is a simple, reliable, and reproducible method. That involves the deposition of a liquid film by immersion the substrate into a solution containing hydrolyzable metal compounds (or readily formed particles) and its withdrawal at constant speed into an atmosphere containing water vapor.

Optosense Coater Systems product family also includes a CE-certified Desktop Dip Coater. It was designed for the R&D Lab to prepare various optical or epitaxial films from a liquid solution.

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