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July 7, 2015
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July 8, 2015
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Elevator Type Furnace


Elevator furnace lining with high purity alumina ceramic fiber, and on the structure adopted special ceramic bolt structure, the temperature control by high precision SCR digital controller with accuracy +-1 C and multi-segments programmable. it’s widely used materials annealing and sintering in your laboratory.

Product Model OPT-BL1200 OPT-BL1400 OPT-BL1700
Max. temperature 1200 C 1400 C 1700 C
Working temperature 1100 C 1300 C 1600 C
Heating rate 0-20 C/min 0-15 C/min 0-1 5C/min
Temperature accuracy +-1 C
Temperature uniform +/-5 C
Heating element Fe-Cr-Al-Mo wire SIC heating element Mosi2 heating element
Thermocouple K S B
Furnace liner 1430 1430 type ceramic fiber 1600 1600type ceramic fiber 1800 1800 type ceramic fibe
Rated Power 110-415V 50/60Hz
Warranty One year
Standard chamber size Standard chamber size
150*150*150mm 400*400*400mm
200*200*200mm 500*500*500mm
200*200*300mm 600*600*600mm
00*300*300mm 800*800*800mm
300*300*400mm 1000*1000*1000mm