Optosense Laboratory Furnaces are part of the work that requires high temperatures in laboratories and production environments. The product family includes laboratory furnaces that design differences according to their usage areas and ensure that heat treatment processes are sensitively and safely.

Optosense Tube Furnaces use high purity alumina or quartz tube as furnace tubes. They use widely in colleges and universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, small batch production, and other experiments.

Optosense High-Temperature Muffle Furnaces use double shells structure and intelligent temperature control of phase-shifted control. They use widely in colleges and universities, research institutes, small-batch production, industrial and mining enterprises, and other experiments.

Optosense CVD Systems are a kind of thin-film material preparation system to produce chemical reactions using a mixture of gaseous compounds on the substrate surface, thus generating non-volatile coating on a substrate surface. They are one of the coating systems used in Li-ion battery studies, graphene-based studies, and R&D studies, especially thin-film studies.

PECVD is a good technique for the deposition of various films. Many device types require Optosense PECVD Systems to create high-quality passivation or high-density masks.

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