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June 27, 2015
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June 28, 2015
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Multi-function Tube


1)Rotary tube furnace is a high temperature reactor with special rotary and tilt function. It is specially designed for sintering of inorganic compound, such as, mineral particles and battery material and with better uniformity. Multi heating zone,ondenser and tail gas collect equipment can be optional part according to different experiment.

2)Vertical tube furnace is suitable for lab experiments, such as, nano material, chemical analysis, component test, metal sintering etc. According to the concrete requirement, the furnace can be equipped with, gas mixer, flow meter and vacuum system.

3) RTP tube furnace can heat the sample rapidly in different environment, such as, vacuum, atmosphere, and air. The main application, quick annealing of many kinds of material, silicidation, diffusion, crystallization and densification, etc.

4 ) High pressure high temperature tube furnace is mainly used in the research requiring high temperature and high pressure and the hi-temperature and hi-pressure can be accurately controlled.It is widely used in synthesis of the new material and quick sintering of the workpiece, such as, Piezoelectric ceramics, superconducting materials, magnetic materials, ferroelectric superhard materials.

5) Multi-position tube furnace

Multi-position tube furnace chamber can realize 0-180°turning to meet different working requirement.