July 10, 2015
July 10, 2015
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OPT-VGB-3 is a middle size heavy duty stainless steel glove box with Airlock Chamber, Gauges and vacuum Flanges, which allow glove box operate under vacuum to remove moisture and oxygen without expensive inert gas purging, It is an ideal tool for material and chemical researchers to process air sensitive materials and solutions.


– Case Material: Made of 11 gauge (3mm thickness) 304 stainless steel sheet with sport frame and plastic painting, which provide heavy duty structure for vacuum
– Dimensions: 780mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 650mm(H)
– Max. Positive Pressure: 810 Torr (1.1 atm)
– Note: Gloves cannot work if pressure is higher than 810 Torr
– Max. Vacuum Level: 0.5 Torr
– Note: Stainless Steel case may deform at higher vacuum level
– Inert gases pressure maintain > 12 hour
– Main chamber leak rate < 3 torr/ hour - Two vacuum flanges are included for glove box to achieve vacuum to remove moisture and oxygen without expensive inert gas purging Note:Do not operate under vacuum status. Vacuum process is used for purging the glove box chamber before operation.
– One KF-25 connector is installed in the back for connecting humidity monitor or other testing equipment

Options – Vacuum pump

– Voltage / Frequency: AC 110V
– Rate (m3/h):13.6 ( 8.0 CFM, 226 liter / m )
– Maximum Pressure (mbar): 6.7x 10-4
– Power (HP): 3/4HP 550W
– Volume of Oil (ml):1000 ( included )
– Working Temperature: -5 ~ 60 0C