Glove Box

Glove Box Systems are suitable for use in works where oxygen and humidity values ​​should be less than 1 ppm, creating an environment filled with inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, or helium inside the cabin.

Optosense GloveBox Systems reduce the oxygen and humidity in the environment below 1 ppm with a purification system. Optosense GloveBox Systems can be produced in desired dimensions according to the demand of the user. It allows taking materials from the outside environment without polluting the atmosphere inside the cabin with their large and small vacuum antechambers.

Optosense GloveBox Systems are produced with at least 2 arms on demand. Also, the number of gloves and cabinet length can be increased depending on the number of users.

Optosense GloveBox Systems include oxygen and humidity sensors, a touchscreen controller, and vacuum pumps.

Purification unit, oxygen, and humidity sensors, and vacuum pump can be added to Optosense acrylic or steel desktop gloveboxes optionally. These provide a safe working atmosphere with inert gases sent inside.

You can contact us for Optosense acrylic/steel desktop glovebox systems.