OPT-PC-2CPlasma Cleaner
July 9, 2015
July 10, 2015
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Heavy duty stainless steel structure glove box : A clean, air-tight controlled enviroment for a wide range of researching processes in material science, chemistry, nano search and semiconductor and ralated industries.


– Material:Stainless steel 304
– Air Lock Size 360mm Dia x 600mm L, made of 3mm thick SS304 (main) 100mm Dia x 300mm L, made of 3mm thick SS304 (small)
– Main Chamber Size:1220mm W x 900mm H x 760mm D
– Total Dimension:1935mm L x 790mm H x 1800mm W  +/- 50mm upon customer request
– Water Sensor:0 – 1000 ppm
– Oxygen Sensor:0-1000 ppm
– Gas Purification System : The purification system of regeneration process automatically control
– Control System: PLC System
– Vacuum Pump: 10 m3/h, 17 m3/h 28 m3/h upto 60 m3/h
– Organic Solvent Filtration System: 30L, 42L or 54L capacity quality and efficient activated carbon
– Circulating Fan: 100 m3/h High degree of vacum of the circulation pump
– Foot Controller: Double Pedal
– Oxygen Transmitter: 0-1000 ppm Accuracy:+/- 2%
– Water Probe: 0-1000 ppm Accuracy:+/- 2%