Compact Spin Coater (500-8000 rpm, 4“ wafer Max.) with 3 Sets of Vacuum Chucks & Complete Accessories – VTC-100A
July 15, 2016
LSS Automatic Solar IV Characterization System
August 1, 2019
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OPT-QE Quantum efficiency system


1. QUANTUM EFFICIENCY Characterization System

This system analyze quantum efficiency (IPCE) characteristics of solar cells, photodiode, photodiodes and sensors as a function of wavelength.
The system contains the following elements:
I-V source meter
Quantum efficiency system
USA Spectral monochromator
Voltage range: -30 V to +30 V
Current range: 100 pA to 1 A
Measurement parameters:
Wavelength range:250 nm- 1100 nm
– Electronic device cell probes for all devices
– 1 Laptop computer under Windows 7 or more


SYSTEM measures the followings
Photocurrent-wavelength (I- ) measurements
External quantum efficiency (EQE or IPCE) -wavelength measurements
Photocurrent-time (I-t) under various wavelengths

Current-voltage (I-V) of the all electronic devices
Current-voltage (I-V) under various illuminations
Current-voltage (I-V) under various wavelengths
Photocurrent-time (I-t) under various illuminations
Photocurrent-time (I-t) under various wavelengths
Automatically analyze photoconduction mechanism analysis of photodiode, photosensor, solar cell
Automatically analyze photovoltaic mechanism analysis of photodiode, photosensor, solar cell